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10th April 2014
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11th April 2014
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11th April 2014
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A number of years ago the Schools' Commission Report made an important statement about school when it said:

"Schooling is not a race; its major objective is not to identify winners or losers but to give maximum assistance to all young people growing up."

As a Catholic school community it is worth taking a moment to reflect that we are all made in God's image, possess great dignity and have a future beyond this world. Through the various facets of the School's curriculum we hope to provide a context for each child's natural creativity to emerge. We hope our curriculum is designed in such a way that students develop an openness to truth, a tolerance of different views and an ability to judge critically and become inner-directed.

Here at St Patrick's the purpose of education is the development of every person from within, freeing them from the conditioning which would prevent them from becoming a fully integrated human being and in so doing enhance the dignity of each person.

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