Welcome to our Early Learning Centre!

In 2015, after the extensive refurbishment of an existing building, our new Early Learning Centre was opened.

The Centre caters for children from three years of age through to Pre Primary (the first compulsory year of schooling) and operates the following way:

Pre Kindergarten

Our Pre Kindergarten programme is run on Thursdays and parents can choose whether they enrol their child for half days or full days. A qualified Early Childhood teacher and an Education Assistant enable the children to learn in a play-based environment that encourages self reliance, verbal communication, individuality, and spontaneity. The staff also provide an environment supportive of the Catholic ethos, which acknowledges the innate spirituality of every child and fosters the child’s ability to wonder, experience awe, overcome difficulties, love others and reflect God their creator.


Kindergarten (4 year olds) operates from the same room as the Pre Kindergarten, but from Monday to Wednesday (full days). A qualified Early Childhood teacher facilitates the Kindergarten programme, which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. As such, a play-based environment underpins early literacy and numeracy, along with supporting the children’s social and emotional development. Within their play, children are encouraged to explore, imagine and investigate, thereby providing the basis for them to become independent and critical thinkers. In supporting parents in the faith formation of their children we provide a range of experiences which will nurture and develop each child's sense of wonder in God's presence and creation.

Pre Primary

The Pre Primary year is the first year of compulsory education in the Western Australian education system. As such, five full days of school a week are offered and the National Curriculum is delivered through a “hands on” and play-based environment, with emphasis on learning that enhances curiosity and creativity. We also provide technology-based programmes that help enrich children’s learning. As part of the Catholic ethos the children participate each day in spiritual development through prayer and Religious Education. The children are provided with activities that encourage them to wonder, love others, and reflect on God and their experiences.

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