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Parent Handbook

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Bullying Advice for Parents

Bullying is a behaviour that can be very distressing for children and young people. It can have immediate and long-term effects on their wellbeing. Fortunately, there are ways to stop this behaviour.

Surf Online Safe Information by Paul Litherland


Teaching Christian Meditation to Children

Children and young adults are born contemplative but in our busy world we are bombarded from an early age with noises, stimulus and a message to keep busy. The aim of this Christian Meditation programme is to teach children the essence of Cluistian Meditation, which is to find God in stillness, silence and simplicity. Or as the Old Testament says: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Canteen Menu

At St Patrick’s School, the canteen adheres to the principles of the Star Choice Police and the Traffic Light System. These guidelines are the minimum standards introduced through the State Government. The Catholic Education Commission has also issued a Healthy Food and Drink Policy that all Catholic Schools must adhere to.
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Digital information - BYOD

For information about the BYOD iPad requirements for 2019, click here.

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WALT - We Are Learning To...

Have you heard your children talking about WALT and WILF?
We want to encourage our students to be more actively involved in their learning because research shows that they are more motivated if they understand not just the tasl but also the learning objective of the task.

Information for Parents....
Head Injury and Concussion

A head injury is a knock to the head that can cause pain, bruising or bleeding. Concussion is a type of head injury which causes a temporary change in how the brain works. Concussion can range from mild to life threatening. Most mild concussions get better on their own over a few days..

Mental Maths Handout

Nuturing your children's mathematical development: Calculating
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Numeracy Apps

Here is a list of some useful Numeracy Apps that you can download.
Useful Apps

St Patrick’s Problem Solving Resource Pack

St Patrick’s Primary School uses the RUCSAC steps as the overarching process to teach the students to solve mathematical problems.
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A Guide for Parents - Helping Your Children With Mathematics

These suggestions have been prepared by staff at Australian Catholic University as a guide for parents in helping their children to learn mathematics.
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A to Z Family Literacy and Numeracy Ideas

Here are some ideas and activities for building and encouraging your child’s literacy and numeracy skills:
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Parent's Guide - Grief & Loss

Growing up is an ongoing process of change that involves losses as well as gains. For children changes such as starting childcare, school, sleeping over at a friend’s house, changing classes and teachers, or losing a pet, a friend or a family member all bring new challenges and new learning. Depending on the support children receive and how these early losses are dealt with, children can learn to manage and deal with the losses that will happen throughout their lives.
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VacSwim gives all Western Australians the opportunity to participate in a safe, quality swimming and water safety program.
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Parking Requirments

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